How to Find Modest Women: A Guide to Vetting and Dating

Jack Peach
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Have you ever wondered where all the good women are in our corrupted world? Do you feel today that searching for wife-worthy women to share life with is a futile pursuit? Would you like a way to overcome this problem? One which gives you the upper hand in a fraught dating market?

If you’re anything like I was, then you just answered with an emphatic “yes!”

And if that’s the case, then ‘How to Find Modest Women’ is just what you need.

But let’s take a step back for a moment. Let’s enter the past.

Imagine coming home from work, tired with dust and grime – the remains of a day’s labour – stuck to your clothes and entering an immaculate home. As you pass through the door, the smell of a freshly baked loaf of sourdough wafts into your nostrils. Lifting your eyes, the sight of a beautiful, smiling woman enters your vision. As you come to her, she greets you with a smile and a warm, loving embrace. Slipping off your jacket, she takes you by the hand and leads you to a scarlet, padded armchair. Sinking in to the chair’s clutches, the touch of soft velvet caresses your legs. A sigh escapes your lips. You relax.

Whilst you’ve been hard at work, so has your wife. The house is spotless, she is well-presented and everything feels just right. Contentment swells in your heart as you return from the stress of the public world, and ease into the comfort of the private. A fire crackles in the background as you hone back in on the smell of doughy delights. You sigh contentedly again. Home.

For many men, this is not a vision of the past. It’s a modern reality. [Even as I’m writing this, my wife has just come in with a steaming, hot cup of tea and local honey spread with thick slabs of Belgian butter on fresh sourdough. She knows I’m working hard on my business, and good women support you in that]. And if it’s achievable for me, it’s achievable for others. And if it’s achievable for others, what’s stopping it being achievable for you?

Well, there is one obstacle. Do you know what the stumbling stone is?

Finding the right woman; one who is modest and perfect for you.

But for those who find her? What a blessing that is! After all, being happily married grants countless benefits.

Beyond the comfort of a warm home, marital status is the biggest predictor of happiness – at least according to Stack & Eshelman’s study of 17 nations. Not only this, the married also live longer and end up richer. That’s what esteemed social scientists Waite and Gallagher found.

But this draws us back to the point.

How to find the right woman?

It’s crucial – for as good as the right woman is, picking the wrong woman can be equally devastating.

And that’s where ‘How to Find Modest Women’ comes in. Using time-tested, traditional methods of meeting women, this guide is not the same as others in this sphere. It doesn’t teach you ‘pick-up’. There is no mention of clubbing. No sleaziness. You will not have to hang around in sordid environments with seedy people.

And this guide is useless if all you want is to get laid.

No. It’s far richer than that. It shows you the exact, step-by-step, path to meeting a modest, wonderful woman. And the result of this?

A loving relationship.

And key to relationships is not just the initial meeting. There’s a lot more. As a result, ‘How to Find Modest Women’ will teach you:

• Where to find high quality, modest women.

• What these women look for in a man.

• How to escalate towards a committed, loving relationship.

• What subtle red-flags to look out for – and how she may hide them.

• When green-flags tell you to escalate.

And the lessons will be more effective. Why? Because I myself have utilized them.

I too have been in the position of singlehood, head in my hands, despairing at the state of modern women. For years I was alone, struggling to meet women of quality. And when I stumbled upon one, I invariably messed it up. But through my struggles I learned. I stopped looking in clubs and began searching elsewhere. I quickly learned to assess the steel, from the scrap. And eventually met my now wife.

From this experience – coupled with my success coaching countless clients – I have developed a fool-proof system to find women and create loving relationships.

But whilst this system is effective – it’s not easy. High quality women want high quality men, and they have the pick of the bunch. It takes the right action and knowledge of male/female dynamics to take advantage of the opportunities my guide will present to you.

Luckily, this is also included.

‘How to Find Modest Women’ will help you join the ranks of married men with submissive, loving wives. It will show you how to maintain this intimacy long-term and separate you from singletons – and all the problems associated. How will this guide help you?

Well, by helping you find a modest woman it will:

• Teach you to find a beautiful, modest and committed woman. One who will support you in your mission and do everything in her power to help you achieve it.

• Give you the foundations for building a happy life. One which will make you more content as you are surrounded by a supportive family.

• Remove you from those lonely nights alone; restlessly thinking about what life could be like were you not placed in this excruciating position.

• Give you more frequent, better quality and a more passionate sex life than any singleton can dream about.

• Grant you more self-confidence, not just in your relationships with women, but in other aspects of your life too. This positive self-image will help you in your friendships, your work life and with your family.

• Provide you respect from your peers. Everyone is impressed by men who have the kind of women I will help you find.

• Make you healthier, with fresh-cooked meals and a contended mind. Brain and body are connected. Where one goes, the other follows.

• Make you wealthier through her support. Quality women aid your mission. The drive and responsibility which comes with taking care of your wife also pushes financial increase.

• Save you wasted days, months – even years – by teaching you exactly what to look for in a single woman and the best places to find these treasures.

• By showing you what subtle signs a dangerous woman puts out, it will prevent the possibility for heartache.

• Stop you being spit up, and thrown away by Feminist harpies.

• Help you build a legacy with a beautiful woman surrounded by sweet, smart and smiling children. They will forge your future empire as the Patriarchal leader of your own personal dynasty.

‘How to Find Modest Women’ makes the path to achieving all these goals easy. 

But the best time to act is now. You won’t find a woman by waiting around. And the sooner you start the less time you waste.

So don’t hesitate.

Find the right woman. Build love. Transform your life.

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Includes: How to Meet Modest Women: A Guide to Vetting and Dating and a 'How to find my ideal partner' worksheet


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How to Find Modest Women: A Guide to Vetting and Dating

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