Weaponized Sex: Feminism's Assault on Women

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Weaponized Sex: Feminism's Assault on Women

Jack Peach
11 ratings

Weaponized Sex: Feminism's Assault on Women

As we watch the news today we see violence, riots and carnage.

Disruption and destruction have taken hold of the West as we witness the fruits borne by decades of ideas aimed at cultural destabilization.

At the heart of this has been Feminism.

Sexual Interaction

How the two sexes behave towards each other is the basis of human life. Husband and wife, mother and son, father and daughter, the relationships between the sexes are central to our existence.

Yet Feminism has pit man against women – not just in clear and obvious ways, but in subtle plays all aimed at undermining the world in which we live.

“Weaponized Sex: Feminism’s Assault on Women” shows all the insidious ways in which our society has come under attack. It illuminates in dizzying detail the sheer scale of this assault and the breadth of change which has resulted.

Where did all the good women go?

One major problem faced by men today is the difficulty in finding good wife material. “Weaponized Sex” breaks down just why this is, and how it can be overcome. Not only does “Weaponized Sex” give the ways in which we can conquer this as individuals, but also how our actions can reshape society.

Fully referenced with over 240 sources ranging from scientific journals to sociological papers; news reports to obscure blog articles, “Weaponized Sex: Feminism’s Assault on Women” pieces together all the ways in which women have been attacked by culture using a variety of perspectives to give an overarching account of how our spirit, our biology and our society have been harmed.

Cultural Blueprint

Unlike most subject matter, “Weaponized Sex” doesn’t just provide a critique. It gives solutions to this crisis, how we can address it and make the future brighter – a world in which our children can live and thrive in keeping with their biology, rather than fighting against it.

Whether you wish to make your future more hopeful, understand what is happening around you or just want an intriguing and interesting read, “Weaponized Sex” will help you conjoin sex, soul and society.

“Weaponized Sex” does not provide a Disneyfied, simplistic understanding; it is nuanced and complex, grasping the entirety of human life to understand what has happened to women and the West.

If you want to understand the world, your place in it and your relation to women, then “Weaponized Sex: Feminism's Assault on Women” is written for you.

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But don't take my word for it: 

"Very comprehensive. I recommend reading this as a working mental model of the present sexual and cultural world." -- Life Math Money 

"It’s 10/10 so far as far as content, chosen words, and delivery of title goes." - @unmodernM

“This book has the capacity to set the world right again.

If it would be mandatory reading in schools, relationships would finally be happy again, marriages would last, divorce would be minimalized, and man and woman would finally live together in peace, again.

I say “again” because we did that for the longest time. Which is a big part of the book.

It derives most of its conclusions from our nature. Biology. (Guess why I like it so much…)

But even if you have read all of my blog, books, and Tweets, Weaponized Sex still opened my eyes to many things.

He used a great sum of scientific papers, studies, and evidence to get his points across.

Everyone. Yes, everyone needs to read it.” -- @selfconquering

"It's phenomenal... [Weaponized Sex] is well organised and easy to read. It's absolutely fantastic. Good job!" -- @SimplyVedat

I want this!

"Weaponized Sex: Feminism's Assault on Women" will revolutionize the way you see the world and your role with women. If you've ever wondered why it's so hard to meet a good woman, what you must do to get one and how sex and gender shapes culture, then "Weaponized Sex" is for you. Over 51,000 words, this is a treatise which has been in the work for years. It is no hastily assembled e-book made for a quick buck, but a comprehensive, thoughtful guide to culture.

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